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Auto Detailing Services Performed at Your Location

Toledo Mobile Detailing brings our auto detailing services to your car, van, truck. We don’t require running water to detail your vehicle, which allows us to detail your vehicle at just about any location. Our process is an eco-friendly solvent based system based on West Coast technology. In addition to being “Green”, this process allows us to provide your vehicle a deeper clean, and a more resilient finish.


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Cleaning and auto detailing services on dashboard of car with red interior

Ultimate Interior Package

Price Guidelines
$179.99 and up
Semi-Truck Cab - $219.99 and up

Complete sanitization and deep cleaning utilizing steam combined with pressure at 212 degrees Fahrenheit

Process utilizing high temperature shampoo and vacuum power to remove contaminates and stains from carpet/upholstery

Odor and Stain Removal

Complete sanitization and steam cleaning of the ventilation system components

Clay bar cleaning, and sealant for protection

Cleaning Door Jams

Complete leather cleaning and conditioning for optimal protection

Complete steam cleaning, sanitizing combined with a protectant sealant

Console Dash

Cleaning and removal of contaminants such as vomit, urine, etc.

Steam cleaning combined with disinfectant utilized to make free from dirt and kill germs, bacteria, and viruses 

Using our 03 / plasma generator,  we can safely sanitize and remove harmful, odor generating foreign particles to eliminate foul odors at the source. 

Removal of pet hair from carpeting, floor mats, seats, and other surfaces.

Steam cleaning/shampoo of headliner.

Mobile car auto detailing services discounts for seniors and military.

Ultimate Detail Package

Price Guidelines
$279.99 and up
We provide free quotes

Vehicle Interior Detailing Services – Steam cleaning, carpet extraction, odor & stain removal, ventilation systems, headliner, windows, door jams, leather treatment, mats, console dash, contamination removal, complete interior sanitation, and more!

Process of complete decontamination of the clear coat and glass surfaces

Our Color Correction process restores the car back to its original shine through permanent removal of surface scratches, swirl marks, marring, hazing & other imperfections.

High speed machine clear coat correction of scratches and clear coat imperfections

Complete protective clear coating applied to clear coat and glass exterior(s)

Bug Removal

Clay bar and buffing process combined to completely remove contamination from the entire exterior of a vehicle

Complete contamination removal and buffing to optimize the shine of a clear coated or non clear coated metal surface 

Complete clay bar cleaning followed by sealant layer for rain and contamination enhancement

Tire Rim Polishing

Each vehicle is a case by case basis, call us to set up free quotes in person.

The Ultimate Interior Package averages 4 to 7 man hours, and our Ultimate Detailing package averages 6 to 9 man hours of auto detailing services. This varies depending on age and condition of the vehicle.

Auto Detailing Services at Your Location

Toledo Mobile Detailing

Esther Bauer
Esther Bauer
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"Last week Toledo Mobile Detailing fit my Ford Focus into their schedule last minute due to my grandson getting sick in the back seat. They came to my house and were very professional. They steam cleaned the stain completely removing it and killed the bacteria odor as well. My Focus looked good as new and they even buffed out some light scatches on my hood free of charge! I was completely delighted and highly recommend this company to anyone as they are in their 11th year serving Northwest Ohio and come highly recommended from the Better Business Bureau as I always check that before contacting any company."
Jenna P
Jenna P
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"Absolutely wonderful, and great pricing. They were able to get out stains that I thought I would be stuck with forever. My car interior looks brand new."
Mark Hanusz
Mark Hanusz
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"Fantastic job detailing my 94 Corvette! Ryan is very responsive, showed up right on time and made the exterior of my 25 year old car look like it just rolled off the production floor. Would definitely hire again."
LeeAnn Ford
LeeAnn Ford
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"Excellent job! My car has 100,00 miles and had never been detailed. Ryan did quality work spending 3 1/2 hours on the both interior and exterior. I highly recommend his services."
Nathan Keller
Nathan Keller
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"This was one of the greatest detailing experiences I personally experienced. I would recommend this service to everyone. My car looked brand new on the inside."
Doug Kruse
Doug Kruse
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"Fantastic experience from start to finish. Top notch service from friendly, honest employees to the shock of how nice the end result looks, feels and smells. Would not hesitate to recommend."